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Wow, das war wirklich eines der besten Interviews, die ich je geben durfte!

Auf dem Wörthersee-Retreat habe ich mir mit Mady die Zeit genommen, Briohny und Dice ein paar Fragen zu stellen. Insgesamt kamen 10 wunderbare Fragen und noch wunderbare Antworten heraus.
Meine fünf Fragen an Briohny findet ihr hier, und die anderen fünf Fragen an Dice findet ihr HIER auf Madies Blog!

Ich war wirklich verblüfft, erstaunt und einfach nur happy, als ich gesehen habe, wie offen und „normal“ die beiden sind.
Gott sei Dank durfte ich sie ja bereits auf einem ihrer Workshops in Graz kennenlernen (Artikel HIER), aber sie beiden jetzt nochmal zu treffen und mehr Zeit mit ihnen zu verbringen war wirklich wunderbar!

Obwohl sie in der Yoga Szene wirklich Superstars sind, sind sie doch auch nur Menschen wie du und ich. Menschen, die geniale Jokes machen, denen auch mal Fehler passieren und die auch so wie ich zwei mal wöchentlich eine Yoga-Klasse besuchen.

Aber mehr gibt’s unten im Interview mit Briohny!

Ich habe das Interview absichtlich nicht auf deutsch übersetzt, weil die Antworten einfach so ehrlich und authentisch sind und ich sie euch genau so präsentieren wollte, wie sie mit mir gesprochen hat.



10 Fragen an:
Briohny & Dice


Briohnys answers:


1.) You two really travel a lot – how do you handle the jetlag?

Handling the jetlag has a lot to do with how you plan the trip – the time you travel and the time you arrive (especially when you travel with kids).
It starts with how you treat your body during the flights. Make sure to walk around, to do some yoga on the plane, to plan your sleeping. I also don’t eat plane food – ever! I always take the food with me because plane food is so high in sodium and it’s also usually high in carbs and gluten, so eating it will just make you feel worse. I drink a ton of water and have simple fruits and vegetables with me.
It’s basically hydration, supplements and anything that helps with oxiginating the blood, reducing swelling and staying away from caffeine, because caffeine makes you crash really hard.

It just takes discipline!
It really takes discipline as soon as we arrive either to sleep or to stay awake depending on the time. And make sure to sweat! Like yoga pracitce or Sauna is really important for the body to reset!


2.) As you’ve travelled all around the globe: what would you say are the main differences between America, Europe and Asia?

Actually, it can be different in ANY country.

In Europe it’s been really interesting to observe the difference in each country. In Austria people are very very dedicated, very like „I might not be able to do this or I’ve never done it but I’ll give it a try“ and I really appreciate that. And in Europe you generally get this really really strong commitment to doing things, like „they want me to do this and I’m gonna do it“!

I can’t say I’ve been to a place where people are reluctant to try, but like in Thailand people just are a little bit weaker at the upper body, so a lot of what we’re teaching is just physically impossible, so very often you just have people that are just happy to sit and watch.

I guess if you generalize it I would say people in America are very inquisitive – like answering tons of questions all of the time. Americans are very vocal, whereas Asians are very quiet. People in Asia are more interested in you telling them all what to do. They wanna learn and they are not accustomed to asking questions.

It also can be tough for us because questions help to tell us that people are excited about it. But that’s our own stuff. We start to understand where other people come from rather than what makes us feel better. And we don’t get so paranoid about it.


3.) What would you say was the most beautiful place where you two had a workshop together?

We spend a lot of time in Thailand, I lived in Thailand when I was younger, we have a house there on Ko Samui – that’s where we also do our teacher trainings – so we usually spend a month to two months a year on that island.
It’s like a second home for us, so we are definitely biased about that – but when we first came here to Wörthersee it was just like this majestic place which seems to be so green and neither one of us has really been to a place like this.

I mean I’ve toured Europe quite a lot but we always work so we never really get the chance to unwind. And when we came here we also worked, but we also got a chance to see everything and we really really loved it! (…not just because you know we’re working for Wörthersee but mainly because we really really like it here)
It’s really a gorgeous place and such a perfect setting for Yoga – the mountains and the lake and the outdoor nature activities – so this has seriously been one of our favorite places that we’ve been to!

I’ve also been to Wels, to Vienna and to Graz and just been blown away buy the people and the culture! Especially Graz – you know being held in like one of the most cultural cities in the world was like – I know why – because it really is!! There’s something magical about it!


4.) When you’re at home again: do you also take classes yourself as a student or isn’t there time left for that?

Oh, you have to have time for that!!

I mean we are lucky enough to do what we love and it was the practice that brought us here anyways. So, yes there’s always the factor of time – we have two kids and we travel – but it’s not a job, it’s a passion! And I love practicing!
So, maybe the idea of going to a class for an hour and a half is not possible sometimes but that doesn’t make me feel constrictive, because I can practice anywhere. As soon as we’re waiting for a plane we’re doing some sort of Yoga thing and Yoga can be done everywhere, so we practice all the time!

In terms of public classes: when we’re home maybe once or twice a week we get to go. But we’re so attached to our kids.

When I’m practicing on my own I haven’t been able to practice a vinyasa practice for a long time, but we do go to classes for that. At home I usually do some core work, some stretching and inversion practice or Acro!
Because those are things you can join in and bring the family in to! Where the flow is very singular…
Lately I’ve also been doing a lot of HIIT – so I do other things – you just gotta go with what your heart says and what makes you happy!
We both really are active people, so we are just always doing things.

And it’s so important that you find time for yourself!
I’ve been through so many phases in my life: I had my daughter when I was 21, I started working when I was eleven, and people spend so much time kind of running after time – like „oh I used to be able to do this and I’m trying to move myself back towards doing that“ and you know: that’s what Yoga taught me – the idea of none-attachment. This is so important!
Because you could spend your entire life feeling sad that you can’t do these things that you thought were important to you, where instead if you were just realizing that there are always new things that are important to you.


5.) What would be the weirdest thing that happened to you on a workshop or in a Yoga class?

You know a lot of weird things happen, especially personally with students. There are always some farting situations or you know a situation like my boob was just hanging out for ten minutes and nobody was telling me!!!
I was doing Kapotasana and I was four months pregnant so you know your boobs get bigger and I hadn’t purchased any bigger shirts, so apparently my whole boob was hanging out and I came out of the pose and I’m like „any questions?“ and there were like 15 people in the room (Dice wasn’t there – it was a class I taught in LA) and nobody said anything except this one Asian woman in the back. She raises her hand and I’m like „yes what’s your question“ and she’s like „just come here for a second“ so I walk aaaall the way to the back and she’s like „ahm, your boob is all the way out“ and I’m like „OH NO“.
And I was just like saying: „next time you have to tell a girl!“ :D


…und HIER geht’s zu den fünf Fragen von Dice! ;)


Ich bedanke mich an dieser Stelle noch mal für das Wörthersee Team für die tolle Möglichkeit, die beiden näher kennenzulernen und natürlich an Briohny und Dice für die Zeit, die Ehrlichkeit und die Offenheit!