10 Fragen an Patrick Beach



Yeeeeey es ist so weit!

Ich darf euch mein Interview mit Patrick Beach präsentieren!

Ende Jänner war Herr Beach ja mit seiner Freundin zu Gast in Wien und Graz und ich habe einen ihrer gemeinsamen Workshops im Yoga Loft Vienna besucht.
Natürlich wollte ich mir die Chance nicht nehmen lassen, und ihm selbst ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

Für alle von euch, die sich jetzt fragen: wer zum Henker ist bitte dieser bärtige Yogi?

Patrick Beach ist ein Yogalehrer (und Hottie :P) aus Seattle und vor allem ein Instagram-Star.
Dementsprechend habe ich ihm auch eher Fragen in diese Richtung gestellt, da ihr die „random“ Yoga Fragen sicher auch so übers Internet herausfinden könnt.

Er und seine Freundin Carling bereisen gemeinsam die Welt als Yoga-Pärchen und geben 40 Wochen das Jahr Workshops.

Das Interview habe ich natürlich in Englisch gehalten und werde es – so wie immer – in der Originalsprache posten.
Wenn ihr Fragen habt – nur her damit!

Also, viel Spaß mit meinen Fragen:



1.) If you have time: are you more the movie or series kinda guy?

Oh I watch tons of stuff.

I really liked Peaky blinders, that’s probably my favorite one. I think we have watched it in two or three days like really binge watching, that was really good. I thought making a murderer was interesting. And then I also watch a lot of kinda weird stuff – I watch a lot of animes.



2.) What would be your job if you wouldn’t be a yoga teacher?

I still do a lot of things outside of yoga. So I probably would do like one of those things. I mean I’ve designed clothes I’ve worked in photography, in creating videos, I’ve worked in games before, and other things like that so I’d definitely be in some sort of creative project.

I really liked the process of putting things together and creating stuff and I feel fortunate that the people I teach are interested in what I share as a teacher.

—> That’s also somehow a creative job, isn’t it?

Yeah, it definitely is! Totally I think it really all tiles in together, again I’m really lucky to be able to do what I get do all the time.

But with that being set I’ll always be exploring different things. It’s just the way my mind works and it also keeps me fresh for teaching yoga.



3.) Are you more the winter or summer kinda guy?

I don’t really know. The thing is I like warmer weather but I also like wearing clothes (laughing), so It’s kind of a contradiction. Also the thing is that because of travelling to teach yoga literally 40 weeks of the year I’m constantly in fall or winter seasons because that’s when yoga studios want to have workshops.

It’s really no big deal for me either way, I honestly just enjoy the changes. The fact that sometimes you get to be in different seasons. I really would have a hard time living somewhere always being somewhere that is always cold or always warm.



4.) Perfect smoothie or juice: what would you put in?

The perfect smoothie to me is pretty green like spinach, bananas, dates and maybe pineapple and kale. But I kinda keeping it more in the green theme. The key addition would be hemp seeds, because it kinda boosts the nutritional content without really changing the flavor or the texture too much.



5.) Are you vegan? Or vegetarian? Or nothing at all?

I eat vegan a good portion of the time but I honestly believe in the fact that you need to eat the best available food. Especially for me in my life I have no consistency and I often don’t have a kitchen. So we always try to eat the best locally sourced food possible and do what we can there because to be honest with you when you’re traveling and you’re somewhere different every week of your life there’s not always accessibly good vegetables or vegetable food or vegetable restaurants.

Carling and I have a lot of allergies anyways so I can’t eat soy or wheat so it’s kinda challenging to eat nutritiosly when you’re out at restaurants and you can’t eat soy or wheat and you’re not eating other things.

But I really try to eat as a balanced diet as possible and be really health focused and health conscious about the way I eat.

I think food politics is really really interesting right now, the environments impact of eating is a huge thing thats coming up quite a bit right now.

For me I think it would be very hard to eat a locally sourced vegan diet, meaning that most vegans eat a lot of food that does not come from the area where they live in (I’m not saying meat eaters don’t do that because it’s same both ways), but I think figuring out eco systems is really important, I think that’s a more intellectual way to look at it.

Honestly I really pay attention to all that stuff and nutrition and food is really important to me and I’m trying to be conscious of the way I live on the planet. I think just being a vegetarian can lead to kinda bad patterns in your head about food and is not allowing you the opportunities to actually nourish your body properly. I believe that vegetables and fruits and stuff CAN nourish your body probably if you have the proper access to them and I don’t know if that’s true in all cases for all people and if not it kinda leads to anorexia or anorexic habits and I don’t think that should be promoted for anybody.



6.) One thing you wanna do before you die?

Haha, I don’t really know?

Have a kid and plant a tree? Because then no matter what you’re efforts will keep going forward.

But I don’t really think about things like that. I just try and experience the stuff that comes my way and put myself out there and really pursue my interests – I am not scared to pursue anything that I’m interested in.

I have no limitation in terms of the way I look at the things I want to do.

I think you never really know what you want to do until you start doing it.



7.) Where did you and Carling meet?

It’s the most boring story!

We were just working at the same internet company right out of college and Carling was like a super asocial awkward person (laughing), and I thought she was cute and so one time we happen to pass each other in the hallway, we made eye contact and because we weren’t in the same departement there was no really reason for us to talk to each other. And ya we made eye contact and she kinda gave me that look and I was like okay – maybe I’ll send her a message on the company email or whatever. And we started chatting and the next day the internet went down at the office and so I just went over and sat at her desk and we just started talking and you know one thing led to another and no we are here.



8.) What’s the main difference in teaching together then doing it alone?

We were both practicing before we started dating. We were kinda doing different things and then I don’t know we just started practicing together a little bit and started practicing at home a lot and then as we started teaching – which happened both really quickly in the relationship – we were both teaching separately.

And even now Carling teaches her own classes but they are very different than the way I teach. She has her own style and even in the workshop today she’ll play more of an assistant type role and she’ll teach parts of the class that are a bit more suited for the nature of movement in her body and the things that she understands.

But the stuff she’s interested in is a bit different than just regular Vinyasa stuff. She’s very into prenatal and postnatal stuff, she works with people a lot privately, that’s a bit more of the angle that she connects with in terms of sharing yoga. It’s not as much this 100 person class with all kinds of people and craziness going on, that’s not her thing as much.  But that is a bit more of my interest. I really like to be in on the set of a lot of people and sharing yoga in a bit more of a way that reaches the masses.

I want to help yoga reach as many people as possible so they can kinda feel really the benefit of the experience and the understanding that it’s so personal.


(c) Patrick beach http://www.patrickandcarling.com/ & instagram.com/patrickbeach
(c) Patrick beach http://www.patrickandcarling.com/ & instagram.com/patrickbeach
9.) Weirdest place or position you made an instagram photo?

The photo shoots are always cold.

Parts of the most beautiful pictures were taken in places that really themselves are not that beautiful but it’s the way you compose it.

But now I’m more interested in all the yoga content being in a place where I’d actually practice and that’s been a shift for me too.

But I really try to keep everything as natural as possible to like what I’m doing in my life.



10.) What was the weirdest thing you got sent from a fan?

I think it’s weird and cool – but one of the things I got was a plush doll of my self. So yeah there’s a plush doll of myself when I had the big beard and stuff and he is super cool and has the necklace that I’m wearing all the time that my friend and I designed together.

I was like oh my godness this is me with the jordans and everything.







VIELEN DANK Patrick Beach & Yoga Loft Vienna für die Möglichkeit!