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Letztes Jahr hatte ich die Möglichkeit, an einem Workshop mit Matt Giordano teilzunehmen.
Im MÀrz kommt er wieder ins Yogalife Graz mit einem tollen Yoga Workshop.

Falls ihr die Zeit habt – schaut vorbei.
Er ist wirklich ein wunderbarer Lehrer und ganz interessanter Mensch, den man als Yogi mal kennenlernen muss.

Damit ihr ein Bild von ihm bekommt, habe ich ihm 10 Fragen gestellt.

Was das mit Costa Rica, Brian und seiner Farm zu tun hat, erfÀhrt ihr unten. ;)



1.) No matter if dead or alive – which person would you like to meet if you could choose?

I would like to meet Dan Millman, author of Wisdom of The Peaceful Warrior which was the book I read that suggested the practice of yoga.


2.) Who inspired you most on your journey so far?

His name was Brian. He is no longer alive, but after his death I was guided by his spirit. It sounds weird on the outside I am sure but the experience woke me up to reality that there is an eternal, constant energy that exists within us all, and we have the ability to tap into it at any time, we just have to become clear enough. Brian became a mentor that guided me on the path toward yoga and eventually to teaching it.


3.) Which was the most impressive place you have been so far?

Costa Rica impresses me on multiple levels, The natives there are some of the kindest most genuine mass of people I have come across. The wild life there seems to be so alive. Of course the beaches, mountains and nature are also quite breathtaking.


4.) Do you listen to music during yoga? If yes, what’s your favorite song right now?

Not really. I am happy to practice to music if a teacher feels comfortable that way, and as long as it has a nice groove and good vibe I am happy. I usually practice without music and fall into the rhythm of my breath and heart beat.


5.) What’s on your bucket list? Share one thing with us!

The Jungle in Africa. I really am drawn to the animals and nature of Africa. I studied Zimbabwe as a kid and have been pulled toward it ever since. I would love to safely experience the amazingness of all the animals and the various forms of trees and landscapes there.


6.) Besides yoga – what is one of your favorite activities you do when you have time?

Ice Hockey is one of my favorite sporting activities to partake in, but generally I looove just being at home on our little farm with our animals.


7.) The last book you read or movie you watched which inspired you and kept you in mind?

I simultaneously read The One Thing, and The Coaching Habit, and I loved them both.


8.) Favorite breakfast?

Eggs (over easy) over Arugala with Rice & Beans


9.) If you’d have to choose 3 things you can take with you on a lonely island – what would it be?

My Fiancé Rebecca, Our Farm, And all our animals


10.) If you could change one thing on this world, what would it be?

That more people were connected to their internal source of energy and power, so they could see their own beauty, and the beauty of everyone and everything around them.



Matt GiordanoVielen Dank Matt fĂŒr deine Zeit und deine Offenheit.

Ich hoffe, ihr trefft den lieben Matt mal auf eurem Yogi-Weg. Und wenn ihr Lust habt – es gibt noch PlĂ€tze in Graz. Hier die Infos: www.yoga-life.at


Matt Giordano







Alles Liebe,
eure Ju