Already asleep or still meditating?
My honest review on meditating

Already asleep or still meditating? My honest review on meditating |



You have to sit in lotus.
You have to close your eyes.
You have to clear your mind.

I was out after the second you have to.

Have I ever written a review on meditating? No, right?

Well, that’s because I am not able to do it.
Yes, that’s right. I AM NOT ABLE TO MEDITATE.

Tried it several times, always failed.

But instead of telling you how great meditating is and what it does to you, I though it would be better to talk about my struggles with meditating. Maybe some of you have some struggles too.



Why meditating?

Let’s ignore religion and spirituality for one moment and focus on what it has to do with our body.
Meditation shell help you to not feel so stressed anymore. It shell calm you down and help you to find your center again. Like to push an reset button and leave out all the negativity and all the stuff which you don’t actually need.
It helps you with your attention and your focus and in the long run it can calm you down. So you are not on the edge all the time and you can handle emotions even better.

Well, I guess everybody has his or her own opinion and the effects might be different with everybody.
I can’t really tell you what the outcome will be if you do it on a long term basis, but maybe some of you have already tried it for a longer time than me and can share your emotions in the comments below.

All I can do is tell you about my experiences and give you some tips and advices on how to do it better than me. ;)




1.) Ich cannot focus. It’s too loud

Schläfst du schon oder meditierst du noch? Mein ehrlicher Bericht übers Meditieren |


Well, to be honest: statements like “it’s too loud” or “I don’t have time” are just bullshit.

You have to take the time and it will never be completely silent.

If you wanna get up in the morning, but you feel destroyed by all the voices around you, you should not concentrate on all the negative stuff in your head, but accept what is.

For instance: instead of thinking “oh my god, this truck is so loud, when does it stop” or “Oh my god, why is the siren so damn loud, I cannot concentrate” you should just think “oh, that’s the noise of a truck” and “oh, that’s the noice of a siren”.

Because it’s not more than that.
Those are just noises. You can’t change them. They are there. You have to learn how to live with them.

You can’t shut off the world. It’s not possible.

But if you start to accept what happens around you, it’s so much easer to deal with it.


2.) I’m getting tired, I’m gonna fall asleep

Yes, I know that feeling.

Maybe it’s because you’re meditation lying?

I can understand it’s much more comfortable, if you lie down. But I can tell you, if you come home from a long day in work and think “well, let’s do a meditation” and you lie down in your bed – I don’t think you will last very long. ;)

My advice: keep sitting in an upward position.
It’ll help you stay awake and you have to keep concentrated in order not to slump.



3.) My legs are falling asleep. 

Okay, so we solved our falling asleep problem.
We’re now sitting in an upward position, but now your legs are falling asleep.

It happened to me several times in my yoga teacher training. So I really know what it feels like.

My advice: sit on a pillow.
There are so many different yoga pillows out there. I used some by #DoYourSports, because I really like the color of them.

I prefer sitting cross legged or on your heels. But just try out how it feels to you.

Schläfst du schon oder meditierst du noch? Mein ehrlicher Bericht übers Meditieren |



4.) I am so bored

I think that’s the first impression that comes to your mind if you’re just starting with meditation.
I know what it might feel like. Meditation is just sitting there. Right?

But, is it?

For me, meditation can be so much more, than just sitting around, doing nothing.

For me, meditation is taking a walk, cooking, doing vinyasa flow, dance, to knock out the background of pictures in my work, driving the car…

All actions, where I don’t really have to think, but just can do the work itself on it’s own. It just has to be done and I don’t think of how I use my legs during taking a walk. It just happens. And I can free my mind.


Schläfst du schon oder meditierst du noch? Mein ehrlicher Bericht übers Meditieren |

The result

Meditation can be done in so many different ways.
What’s important, is that you always stay loose and don’t try to force yourself. Just give it a try and do your best. Find your own meditation and don’t get stressed ;)

Well, happy meditation everybody!

All the best,
your Ju





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