Revolved down dog |







Downward dog is a position you’ve probably done a thousand times if you’re into Yoga a bit.
But there are several options in how to practice down dog so it doesn’t get boring even after your 1.001st time!
You can do a three legged dog, you can do a little backbend in it, or you can also do revolved down dog – it’s such a simple and easy position, but yet so effective!


How does it work?

Start at downward dog. Place your hands shoulder width apart and your feet hip width apart. Stay there for a few breaths to warm up you down dog before you get started.
When you’re ready, bring your left hand to your right foot and open your right side. You can bend your knees if you need to, but make sure your spine is long and straight. If you want to intense your stretch, you can bring your heels back to the mat more and more.
Stay there for five breaths and twist a little bit more with every exhale.
Come back slowly afterwards and stay in down dog for a view breaths or in Balasana if you like, and then repeat on the other side.


The benefits:

  • stretches your shoulders, neck and hamstrings
  • strengthens arms and legs
  • helps with digestion (like all the twists)
  • should help with headache, back pain or fatigue


So, I wish you aaaaall the fun in the world with your 1.001st down dog and this little twist!


All the best,
your Ju