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Monday Mantra 09/11/15







A wonderful good morning everybody!

How are you doing after this week?
Have you had a nice weekend?

I have to say I had a GREAT week and a great weekend!
Last week was really such an awesome week. I was able to teach my two first yoga lessons at Yogalife in Graz and it was truely amazing. You can imagine how nervous I was beforehand. I mean I taught some “classes” with my friends and everything worked out pretty well, but this was the first time I had a “real” class in a “real” studio.
But it really was an amazing experience and everybody liked it! It was such a relief to hear that all the Yogis thought it was great and want to come back – yeeeey :D

But, ya those two classes were of course also exhausting for me.
Not just physically but especially mentally. To prepare everything and to hope that everything works out.
And also besides those two classes there has been a lot going on last week. I had a lot of work to do, I joined some events where my help was needed and all in all it really was a great week but also an exhausting one…

And that’s also the reason why I really looked forward to my one and only rest day this week: my Sunday! A day just for me!

Friends asked me if I wanted to join them on Sunday and somehow I knew I needed that day just for myself. But somehow I’m also always so polite and friendly and don’t know wether it’s okay to say no or not.
But you know what I’ve learned over the years? That it’s really important to learn to also say no! Especially saying no without justifying yourself! Just say no if you feel like doing it! And what’s even more important: say YES to yourself!

Take time for yourself and do whatever you want to do!
If it’s lying on the couch all day long and watching Harry Potter movies then that’s totally fine!
As long as it’s something that makes you happy – then do it! :D

Just say no without backing up for your decision.
Just do it because you want to do it!

I also wanted to watch Harry Potter movies all day long yesterday. But somehow we really had such a wonderful autmun day that I decided to take a walk through the city with my boyfriend. And somehow this walk lasted like three hours. We also met some friends on the way spontaneously and went for a nice lunch together – just because we wanted to. And in the evening we also went for a walk again and had some chestnuts. We just did whatever we wanted to do without planning everything… It was just the perfect autumn Sunday!

And that’s exactly what I wanted to tell you this week: do whatever feels good for you!
Treat yourself and listen to yourself. And also learn to say no sometimes.
Now it’s time to do what you wanna do! Use this week! :)

Have a wonderful Monday everybody and a great week filled with all the nice things that you want to do! ;)

All the best,
your Ju