I do it with einhorn.
(+ Giveaway)

FUCK VEGAN! I do it with einhorn. | www.juyogi.com

FUCK VEGAN! I do it with einhorn. | www.juyogi.com




i do it with einhorn.


Put him on something vegan from time to time! Einhorn condoms for example!
Why should we live without fairness and sustainability when it’s about the most fun thing to do in life?
Well, nobody knows, right?

But you don’t have to!
Since quite a time I do it with einhorn. Not only are the condoms vegan and fair produced, they also have a fantastic packaging and design (which actually is a big thing for me).

The first time I came across einhorn was in Graz at Das Gramm and I fell in love with the packaging immediately.
Einhorn exists about two years now and I am really really thrilled mission statement.
Some days ago I visited them at the Berlin office next to Görli and could say hello to them in person. A big room filled with young creatives and a lovely four-legged friend.


FUCK VEGAN! Ich tu's mit einhorn. | www.juyogi.com


That’s what the einhorn people believe:





Best you check them out on your own on their Webseite. There you can also find their Online Shop, if you don’t have a reseller near to your area. Otherwise you can get them for instance at  dm, Müller, veganz or some other supermarkets and organic shops. Here you can see the full list.

Buuuuut: you can win this wonderful dino filled with ten small packages. Every package contains seven condoms. Seven multiplied by ten gives 70 times fun! :)


The giveaway

How can you enter?
Haha, funny. This time is real fun.

Well, as always, you have to answer me a question!
I want to know:

Where was the most crazy place you made love?

Come on, give it a try! We all do it. Let’s talk some dirty talk today instead of small talk.
One word is enough. Something like roof. car. cinema. bed.

The givaway starts today – Su, 19.03. – and ends next Sunday, 26.03.
Everybody who wants to have vegan Sex can enter, as long as you have your shipping address in Germany or Austria.

FUCK VEGAN! Ich tu's mit einhorn. | www.juyogi.com


Yaaaay, well I wish you all luck and fun with answering my question! ;)


I am a huge fan of einhorn and want to support them as much as I can. :P

Check them out for yourself on their website, facebook, instagram oder youtube.

Next Sunday the winner will get an email from me.

Till then: #makemagichappen!


All the best,
your Ju


FUCK VEGAN! Ich tu's mit einhorn. | www.juyogi.com