JuYogi was founded by Ju Schneeberger in August 2014, to share her passion about Yoga and the life that comes with it.
But Yoga isn’t the only topic you find on this blog. It’s „a blog for happy hearts and healthy souls“.

Because you can only have a happy heart, if you’re at peace with yourself,
And you can only have a healthy soul, if you’re at peace with nature and all those living beings around you.

Topics such as sustainability, veganism, joy of living and happiness are as important as downward facing dogs and salad bowls.
You find at least four new articles a week about the colorful life of the Austrian girl. No matter if it’s healthy and fresh recipes, studio reviews, asanas or just some inspirational Mantras – JuYogi tries to write about all those Yogi topics you can think of!



Ju is 23 years old and since one year not only Ju anymore, but especially a YOGI!
As JuYogi she’s traveling the world and takes all her readers with her. No matter if she’s spending a Yoga class at central park, if she’s eating an Ayurvedic lunch in Berlin or if she’s sweating in Hot Yoga in Cape Town – you can be sure you can follow her around!

In Fall 2015 she finally starts her Yoga teacher training, which will be another great adventure for her and for her readers.

If Ju is not blogging, cooking or doing Yoga, she’s a graphic designer living a balanced life in the heart of Graz.


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